7 Things Guys Think Are Weird But Women Find Totally Normal

When you’re interacting with women, whether it’s one that you’re dating, a friend, an acquaintance, or a total stranger, there are almost certainly things that guys are going to do from time to time that they register as, well, a little bit weird or creepy. But trust me when I tell you that, women don’t mind it, really.

  1. Guys that swear in a normal conversation
    • Women don’t care when you curse. When women hear you, you get all flustered/apologetic but rest assured, they don’t care at all.
  2. Giving women a solid handshake.
    • Men just tend to offer the tips of their fingers, or a weak handshake, as though they’ll break our hands. I am telling you, it is okay. You won’t break anything. LOL 
  3. Texting or calling shortly after a date.
    • We live in a world with a constant flow of communication; it is not abnormal to message me a couple hours after we parted ways to say “hey, I had a good time.” just don’t overdo it. But anyone who gets annoyed that you contacted them “so soon after the date” isn’t really worth your time anyway. 
  4. Being upfront with your intentions.
    • There is nothing wrong with finding me attractive and wanting a date. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with telling me that you find me attractive, as long as it’s phrased politely. Also good to mention while being upfront don’t forget to have tact. 
  5. Making solid compliments.
    • Women love being complimented and having the person walk away after. It takes a lot of the pressure off and feels more genuine. Like they are giving a compliment without the expectation of anything, you know? Just being kind for the sake of being kind and making someone feel good. 
  6. Saying “Hi”.
    • As long as a guy backs off if I say I’m busy or whatever it’s fine. Nothing weird and creepy about it though. 
  7. Being introverted.
    • The stigma of introverts being weird and creepy is odd, because I find the quiet guy much more approachable than the loud extroverted one who pulls most of the room’s attention. Plus, you get to talk about lots of things that make sense too!