10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Boat

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I can’t count how many times I’ve heard friends say, “I’d love to buy a boat someday.” Why not make that dream of owning a boat a reality? No matter what stage of life you are in, there is a style of boating that fits your interests and your budget. Here are the top 10 reasons to finally buy a boat.

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1. Family Bonding

Boating encourages fellowship and creates quality time together like few other activities. Prepare yourself for fun, wholesome family time away from video games or TV that your children will actually enjoy. You’re greatest family memories probably won’t be created by staring at the latest television show, so get outside!  The camaraderie, laughter and bonding created by recreational boating are priceless.

2. Achieve Rock Star Status

I’m not suggesting you should bribe your friends to hang out with you, but there’s no denying that owning a boat gives everyone a great excuse to want to hang out with you. You’ll never have a dull weekend again as friends beg to book the next weekend with you and your beloved boat.

Just picture a warm July summer night on the water after a long day of tubing. You’re enjoying snacks, drinks, laughter and conversation with those you love. Is there a better way to spend an evening? Have a blast boating, and enjoy it with your closest companions.

3. Reduce Stress

It’s hard to worry about that meeting that didn’t go well at work when you’re reeling in a big fish on the open water. Life can be hard. Getting outdoors and onto the waves is the perfect way to refresh and recharge.

You can sit at your desk and squeeze a foam ball, but in my opinion, boating is far more effective. Get out of the office and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

4. Make A Long-Term Investment

Phones are outdated in a year, TVs keep getting bigger and your clothes will be out of style before you wear them more than a few times. Not only do boats usually last longer than cars, boating activities have been around for years. Skiing, fishing, sunbathing and almost all other boating activities were around before you were born, so they aren’t going anywhere.

Yes, owning a boat does come with financial responsibility, but your boat could become a staple of family recreation. Many boats are passed down through generations for years of family enjoyment. If for any reason you are unable to use your boat down the road, a boat that is properly cared for can maintain resale value extremely well.

5. There Are Endless Activities

Cruising, tanning, conversation, fishing, tubing, sailing, knee-boarding, skiing, relaxing, dining, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, sightseeing, swimming and diving. That just scratches the surface. If you can honestly say you don’t enjoy even one activity on that list, then by all means, spend your money elsewhere.

6. Enjoy Health Benefits

Aside from stress reduction, some boating activities like tubing, skiing and wakeboarding are equivalent to intense workouts. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize you’re burning calories and building muscle as well as, if not better than, you would at the gym.

As noted in point number three, getting outside, breathing the fresh air and partaking in a recreational activity is a must, especially for those of us that are under substantial stress every day during the week.

7. Boating is Rewarding for all Ages

As an adult, it’s a great feeling to commandeer a boat of any kind. Calling it yours is very rewarding. To top that off, seeing the smile on a child’s face after a fun day on the water is absolutely priceless.

The entire family can be involved in boat ownership. Teenagers can be taught the responsibilities of maintaining an investment while reaping the benefits of caring for a boat. Kids can do the smaller tasks on the boat, teaching them work ethic and giving them confidence in their abilities.

8. Water is Closer Than You Think

Don’t let your urban environment discourage you, as 90% of Americans live less than an hour from a navigable body of water! Even a small boat on a small body of water easily beats watching the TV all day. For most of us, location is no excuse.

9. Develop New Relationships

Aside from the friends you’ll make courtesy of your rock star status (see point number two), owning a boat makes you a part of a bigger community. As you’re on the water, by the dock or around the marina, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and network with boat owners from all walks of life. To some, this is one of the most rewarding parts of boat ownership.

10. Boating Is Actually Affordable

To be clear, usually individuals underestimate the expenses involved with owning a boat. Despite this, if you make wise purchasing decisions and only buy within your means, there are many affordable options out there.


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